Friday, December 5, 2008

Stress Testing

Stress testing:
Stress testing tries to break the system under test by overwhelming its resources or by taking resources away from it (in which case it is sometimes called negative testing). The main purpose behind this madness is to make sure that the system fails and recovers gracefully -- this quality is known as recoverability.Where performance testing demands a controlled environment and repeatable measurements, stress testing joyfully induces chaos and unpredictability. To take again the example of a Web application, here are some ways in which stress can be applied to the system:
1.double the baseline number for concurrent users/HTTP connections
2.randomly shut down and restart ports on the network switches/routers that connect the servers (via SNMP commands for example)
3.take the database offline, then restart it
4.rebuild a RAID array while the system is running processes that consume resources (CPU, memory, disk, network) on the Web and database servers


  1. Hi,

    This is really useful. Could you please add some notes on Endurance testing as well. And also some more on QTP certifications. I did send you an E-Mail regarding the same.

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    Hope its going to be great one stop blog for the testers. I was wondering if you can flesh some light on Agile Scrum Methadology.