Friday, June 19, 2009

Debugging removes defects

When a test finds a defect that must be fixed, a programmer must do some work to locate the defect in the code and make the fix. In this process, called debugging, a programmer will examine the code for the immediate cause of the problem, repair the code and check that the code now executes as expected. The fix is often then tested separately (e.g. by an independent tester) to confirm the fix. Notice that testing and debugging are different activities. Developers may test their own fixes, in which case the very tight cycle of identifying faults, debugging, and retesting is often loosely referred to as debugging. However, often following the debugging cycle the fixed code is tested independently both to retest the fix itself and to apply regression testing to the surrounding unchanged software.

Ref: foundations-of-software-testing-istqb-certification ( Book by Rex Black)

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